Friday, May 22, 2015

Website updates from SSA’s Office of Retirement Policy (ORP)

We are pleased to share with you the updated Social Security Administration Office of Retirement Policy website:

What Has Been Updated?

· New updates based on the Modeling Income in the Near Term, Version 7 (MINT7) microsimulation model:

· Current Law Fact Sheets

· Population Profiles—Highlight the characteristics of certain populations, such as veteran beneficiaries.

· Population Projections—Show how certain populations, such as survivor-only beneficiaries, are projected to look in the future.

· Program Explainers—Explain aspects of the Social Security program, such as the minimum benefit.

· Policy Option Projections—Analyses of how proposed changes to Social Security program might affect future beneficiaries and benefit levels.

· Projection Methodology—An explanation of the MINT7 model and the definitions we use.

What Else Can I Find There?

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