Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama Misdiagnoses ‘Real Deficit Threat’

Deconstructing Peter Orszag's Wall Street Journal article, over at AEI's Enterprise blog.

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Joe said...

I assume you are not advocating killing off old people prematurely. Otherwise the only answer is to spend less per old person. In Social Security this means people get less. That's your goal in life, we get it; but you could just as easily raise the taxes necessary to pay for that deficit.

In health care, paying for rising costs will be devastating to standards of living. But the rub is that we do not have to give anyone less. We can deliver the same quality of care, or better for less. That is we can reduce the level of health care costs, as well as the growth curve. It already happens in much of the post-industrial economies, and it already happens in various highly efficient health care organizations in the US.

So if Orzag simply says "excess cost of health care" he has you beat by a mile.