Saturday, May 9, 2009

ABC’s Stossel: Elderly Rob Younger Generation

ABC's 20/20 ran a segment last night on the intergenerational burdens of funding Medicare (I was quoted briefly). Click here to check it out.

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Pat said...

I think the big businesses who orignally agreed to provide health care support after folks retire should be chastised for throwing participants out on their ear because the government offers Medicare. I'm going through this process and I feel as though I am being forced to join Medicare. Stossel's report never talked about how people are forced to pick up Medicare and the associated supplement(s) when you turn 65 or you have to pay a penalty. Because we are caught between the proverbial "rock and a hard place" I find myself forced to pick up Medicare. And, BTW, I don't live in a fancy retirement home. We live in a double wide trailer out in the woods and my husband and I both work because it keeps us healthier. I dislike this use of agism to cause a schism between the populace. There is no real alternative to the present situation.