Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Upcoming Event: Retirement Policy in the New Economy, Hosted by Third Way. July 13.


Getting to a comfortable retirement is a vastly different challenge for workers in the new economy than for those a generation ago. Workers today change jobs more frequently, are self-employed at higher rates, and are in charge of their own retirement savings to a far greater degree. For some workers in this economy, retirement security is stronger than ever. Yet many others who want to save for retirement through their job are unable to do so. Please join us for a range of perspectives and ideas as we discuss:

What is the extent of the retirement savings gap in America?
How can public policy expand participation in workplace retirement plans?

Congressman Joe Crowley
New York’s 14th District Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus

Jonnelle Marte
Moderator, The Washington Post

Diane Oakley
National Institute on Retirement Security

Andrew Biggs
American Enterprise Institute

Alane Dent
American Council of Life Insurers

This event has been organized to meet the requirements for a widely attended event as set forth in the Congressional ethics rules. If you have any questions, please email mcoglianese@thirdway.org.

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