Monday, August 31, 2015

Catching up on Social Security in the press

I’ve been out of town quite a bit lately without the chance to highlight press articles on Social Security that may be of interest. Here’s a recent run-down.

O'Malley to propose expansion of Social Security benefits, other measures to aid seniors - Washington Post

Rubio: 'Time has passed' for Social Security privatization - Washington Examiner

Another View - Martin O'Malley: To ensure retirement security, let's start by expanding Social Security The Union Leader

Most consumers don't regret decision to claim Social Security benefits early Columbus Dispatch

Stock Market Crash No Argument Against Social Security Accounts Cato Institute

What If Your Social Security Was Riding the Wall Street Roller Coaster too? National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare

The Stock Market Drop Exposes The Dangers Of Privatizing Social Security ThinkProgress

Even Before Stock Market Swoon, 2016 Republicans Mum On Social Security Privatization Bloomberg

Would Jeb Bush's Plan to Reform Social Security Actually Work? - The Times

Ten Common Myths About Social Security Forbes

The Truth About Social Security's Long Term Finances Forbes

Martin O'Malley wants boosts to Social Security that even Bernie Sanders hasn't called for Vox

O'Malley: Expand Social Security With Tax on High Earners Bloomberg

The GOP Candidates' Attacks on Social Security Are Attacks on Women Slate Magazine

A New Front in the ‘War on Women’ National Review


JoeTheEconomist said...

I know that you want to give a wide range of opinions, but the piece on Bush's plan puzzles me. The article has no information on Bush's plan, and his statements on the system are off by decades.

"Nevertheless, presidential candidate Jeb Bush has a way to repair Social Safety — and his plan is most undoubtedly a deviation from the standard Social Safety fixes his social gathering provides."

If he has a plan I can't find it.

Andrew G. Biggs said...

I believe he's spoken in favor of raising the retirement age, but doesn't have a fully-outlined plan.

JoeTheEconomist said...

Yes, he is in favor of raising retirement age, but by itself that policy option doesn't change the exhaustion point of SS by a year. It solves a tiny amount of the shortfall because of how long it takes to implement - 'gradually'.