Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Washington Post: Reform Disability, Not Just Refinance It

The Washington Post's editorial board weighs in on Social Security Disability, arguing that -- in addition to merely keeping the program solvent -- policymakers also need to reform the program to make it work better:

"The problem is that SSDI is far from functioning optimally; while most of the program’s rising cost is, indeed, due to demographics, not all of it is. As recent research in labor economics has shown, some of the growth is due to post-1984 program rules that made it easier to claim disability on the basis of mental or musculoskeletal ailments. Perversely, SSDI provides employers no incentive to keep individuals at work, earning wages, while providing those who get benefits no incentive to return to the workforce. As economist David Autor of MIT has written, “the SSDI program spends too few societal resources helping individuals with disabilities to remain employed and too many resources supporting the long-term dependency of individuals who could be self-sufficient with . . . appropriate accommodation and support.”
Check out the whole piece here.

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