Monday, July 13, 2015

New paper: "Does Retirement Improve Health and Life Satisfaction?"

Does Retirement Improve Health and Life Satisfaction?

Aspen GorryDevon GorrySita Slavov

NBER Working Paper No. 21326
Issued in July 2015
NBER Program(s):   AG   HE 
We utilize panel data from the Health and Retirement Study to investigate the impact of retirement on physical and mental health, life satisfaction, and health care utilization. Because poor health can induce retirement, we instrument for retirement using eligibility for Social Security and employer sponsored pensions and coverage by the Social Security earnings test. We find strong evidence that retirement improves both health and life satisfaction. While the impact on life satisfaction occurs within the first 4 years of retirement, many of the improvements in health show up 4 or more years later, consistent with the view that health is a stock that evolves slowly. We find little evidence that retirement influences health care utilization.