Friday, April 2, 2010

C-SPAN Video of Budget Event

Yesterday I spoke at an event sponsored by the Concord Coalition in conjunction with Rep. Steny Hoyer concerning the budget and entitlement situation going forward. In addition to Rep. Hoyer, the speakers included Concord's Bob Bixby, the Peterson Foundation's David Walker, former AARP CEO Bill Novelli, and, well, me. Unfortunately I can't embed the video, but it's available here. I thought it was a good event.

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Bruce Webb said...

Oy. I have no hard feelings against Steny Hoyer. He means well. But for people on my side of the ideological divide the politest label I can apply to him is "useful tool" of entitlements hawks.

Which is why us crazy liberals light votive candles praying for the health of Nancy Pelosi, the notion of Steny being even a possibility for Speaker scaring us to death.