Friday, February 27, 2009

Judd Gregg locks in on Social Security reform

The Washington Examiner reports on New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, who recently withdrew as President Obama's nominee to be Commerce Secretary. Gregg is a long time crusader for Social Security and budget reforms, and he hasn't given up yet:

The Republican from New Hampshire is pushing the administration for reform, an issue that many thought would have been part of his role in the cabinet had he gone forward with his nomination as commerce secretary.

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Bruce Webb said...

There are three ex officio cabinet secretaries among the six Trustees. None of them being the Secretary of Commerce. Plus Obama has the co-authors of two very prominent plans for Social Security right on hand in the persons of Peter Orszag and Jeff Liebman. Frankly the idea that a conservative Republican from the 'Live Free or Die' state was slated to take on a lead role on Social Security is somewhat bizarre.

'If wishes were fishes' and so on. But like 'hope', 'wish fulfillment' is not a plan.

Anonymous said...

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