Friday, October 31, 2008

FactCheck: Dems Mislead on Social Security Plans has a new brief on a number of advertisements on Social Security being run in Congressional races. Here's the short story:

Democrats celebrated Halloween early this year, trying to spook voters with the political boogeyman of risking Social Security in the stock market. Since October 1, we have found 58 ads from Democrats and their allies attacking their Republican House and Senate opponents on the issue. They mislead in several ways:

  • They say benefits would have been "risked in the stock market." While that's true for younger workers, current beneficiaries wouldn't have been eligible for private accounts under the plan President Bush supported.
  • The ads often show images of casino gambling and imply that holders of private accounts could lose their entire retirement savings. In fact, the plan proposed in 2005 would have allowed investment only in very broadly diversified funds. A complete loss would be practically impossible.
  • Some claim the opponent "voted for George Bush's plan to privatize Social Security." Actually, Bush's proposal was never submitted as a bill to Congress, and so there was no vote.

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