Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn newsletter from Michigan Retirement Research Center

The Michigan RRC has released its autumn newsletter, updating on new papers, the August RRC conference in Washington, and interviews with MRRC researchers.

One interview in particular is well worth reading since it defies current conventional wisdom about Americans' level of preparation for retirement. John Karl Scholz and Ananth Seshadri are economists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison who have written a number of excellent papers on Americans' retirement savings. They conclude – contrary to most press reports – that a strong majority of Americans are actually doing pretty well in terms of their retirement savings. Current retirees are overwhelmingly well-prepared, and even younger Americans – who we often assume to be doing next to nothing to prepare for retirement – are doing much better than most people would expect. The Scholz-Seshadri interview is well worth reading. If you're interested in reading their latest paper, here's a link.

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