Monday, April 10, 2017

Retirement Policy Analyst Job Opening at CRS

The Congressional Research Service has an opening for an Analyst in Income Security 

From the job description:

The analyst will prepare objective, non-partisan analytical studies and descriptive and background reports on retirement policy; provide personal consultation and assistance to congressional committees, Members, and staff on such policies throughout the legislative process; and participate in or lead team research projects and seminars.

This work requires knowledge of the history, trends, and current status of retirement policy; measurement of retirement income and wealth; economic and health shocks in retirement; the role of defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and Social Security in retirement savings; decumulation of retirement wealth, including options for annuitization; insights from behavioral economics on retirement income security; and labor force issues related to older workers. The analyst is also expected to develop over time the skills necessary to provide legislative analysis and consultation to congressional committees, Members, and staff at increasingly sophisticated levels.

The ideal candidate would have a background in economics, demography, mathematics, statistics, or a related field and have applied these skills to public policy analysis. Strong research, analytical, writing, and presentation skills are essential.

The job is posted at the GS-12 level ($79,720 per year in Washington DC). The application deadline is April 26, 2017 and the complete job listing is available here: .

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