Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can Congress Ever Raise the Payroll Tax Back?

NPR’s Alan Greenblatt talks to a number of social security experts from across the spectrum (including me). There’s a surprising level of consensus that, once cut, “uncutting” payroll taxes will prove tougher to do.

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WilliamLarsen said...

Once the payroll tax has been cut, I agree 100% that it will very difficult to reinstate it. The reason is quite simple; most workers under age 46 think Social Security sucks! They believe it will not be there for them or that the cost is far more than the benefit. They are not stupid.

In fact I bet you would get nearly 100% support from workers to eliminate the payroll tax. Take this a step further and support for repealing the social security act would be huge if it meant eliminating the 10.6% SS-OASI tax.

It is far better to keep your money now, than to hope that congress 40 years from now will raise taxes on your kids to pay you your promised benefits. Take the money and run.

How many balanced budgets have there been since 1960, zero? The last general budget surplus was in 1957. People are not stupid.