Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now THAT'S what I call taking Social Security reform "off the table"

I usually kind of like Russ Feingold. He's about a dozen notches to the left of me, but seems like an honest guy and doesn't pretend he's something he isn't (until recently, being a Senator from Wisconsin allowed you that luxury).

But today he's down in the polls relative to his challenger, businessman Ron Johnson, and Feingold's new ad on Social Security reform goes just a little bit over the top.

So you'd really take everything off the table? Given that the system is going insolvent -- just in time for the retirements of people like, say, me? -- doesn't rejecting everything seem a bit extreme? Probably, but that's what happens in the end of a campaign when someone is far behind.

But Feingold's opponant Johnson isn't pulling any punches either. His own ad doesn't back down at all from his claim that Social Security is a "ponzi scheme." Check him out.

Say what you will about either of these guys, these are both pretty good ads. Sure beats the usual "Congressman [insert name] voted with [disliked party leader] 96% of the time..."

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