Monday, August 4, 2008

Trailer for IOUSA

So this weekend I found myself at the theater watching the new Batman film – a bit dark for my tastes; I prefer my non-stop action and senseless violence to be more optimistic and life-affirming – but before the movie started we got to see the trailer for the new documentary IOUSA, which focuses on the work of the Concord Coalition and former GAO head David Walker in promoting long-term entitlement reform. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which Walker now heads, is promoting the film which will open across the country later in August.

Here's the trailer:

Several weeks ago my wife and I were lucky enough to attend a pre-screening here in Washington, which we enjoyed very much. It doesn't have as many explosions as Batman, but it's twice as scary.

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Anonymous said...

I generally like David Walker and find that he presents this stuff in a straigtforward manner that many can understand. One thing about him and his postion does perplex me though.

Why did the GAO along with other agencies fight the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board so hard on including entitlemnts on the balance sheet of the federal government?